• San Juan County Fire Protection District # 4 is a rural fire protection District operating under the laws of the State of Washington.  The District includes an area of 27 square miles located on Lopez Island in San Juan County with a population of approximately 2,500-year around residences and a substantial seasonal population of second home residents and tourists.  The District protects rural, general commercial, wildland and public structures for fire and emergency medical services. 

    Call Volume

    In 2017, San Juan County Fire District # 4 responded to 585 calls, of which the District responded to 497 EMS calls and 88 fire/investigation calls.  Advanced life support was required on 50% of the EMS calls.  Patient transport to mainland hospitals is often provided by a third-party helicopter or fixed-wing air service.


    The District is governed by a three member Board of Commissioners.  They provide Legislative direction.  The District employees a part-time Fire Chief, a part-time Administrative Assistant, and 3 full-time Firefighter/Paramedics.
    The Department is staffed by 39 volunteers, of which 26 volunteers are Firefighters and 13 are EMTs.  5 volunteers are cross-trained.


    Training is held at Station 41 every Tuesday night from 6:30-9:30 PM.  The first and third Tuesday are dedicated to EMS training, and the second and fourth Tuesday are dedicated to suppression training.  Four Saturdays a year are utilized for training that requires more time than a Tuesday night will allow.


    The District's apparatus include:

    4 Fire Engines

    Engine 41 - 1996 H&W International. 1500 gpm, 750 gallon tank
    Engine 42 - 1989 Ford Grumman. 750 gpm, 750 gallon tank Engine 44 - 1996 H&W International. 1500 gpm, 750 gallon tank
    Engine 43 - 1966 Ford Western states.1 Pumper/Tankers
    Engine 44 - 1996 H&W International. 1500 gpm, 750 gallon tank

    2 Tender/Pumpers

    Tender 41 - 2005 H&W International, Compressed Air Foam System, 1000 gpm, 2800 gallon tank
    Tender 42 - 1975 Ford Western States, 150 gpm, 1500 gallon tank

    1 Rescue/Extrication
    Rescue 41 - 2003 Ford F550, Compressed Air Foam System, 86gpm, 350gallon tank, Holmatro Combi Tool and Pump, Air Bags, High Angle Rope Rescue Equipment

    2 Ambulances

    Aid 41 - Diesel - 2015 Dodge-North Star Ambulance
    Aid 44 - Diesel - 2007 American Emergency Vehicle

    1 Brush/Utility

    Brush 41 - 1996 Ford F350 Crew Cab, 150 gpm, 250 gallon tank

    3 Medic Vehicles

    Med 41 - 2005 Ford Explorer
    Med 43 - 2017 Chevy Tahoe
    Med 46 - 2011 Ford Expedition

    1 Mass Casualty Trailer

    MCI Trailer - 2005 - 24 foot Trail Blazer

    1 Command

    2007 Ford F150  


    Apparatus and equipment are stationed to minimize response time and maximize their use.  We strive to maintain our physical resources through an effective maintenance program and seek out cost savings as we upgrade and replace dated equipment. 
    The District responds from four strategically located fire stations. 
    Station 41 is located near the village center at 2228 Fisherman Bay Road.  Aid 41, Engine 41, Tender 41, Rescue 41, and the MCI trailer are stationed here.
    Station 42 is located on the south end of the island at 20 MacKaye Harbor Road.  Engine 42 and Tender 42 are stationed here.
    Station 43 is located at the north end of the island at 810 Port Stanley Road. Engine 43 is stationed here.
    Station 44 is located in the center of the island at 4136 Center Road. Aid 44 and Engine 44 are stationed here. 


    We support the community and communicate openly with them to seek input on how we can serve them.  We seek to educate our community in ways to help save themselves from the ravages of fire, during medical emergencies and disasters.


    We set clear goals and realistic expectations, are supportive and provide and seek frequent feedback.  We expect to be held accountable for our actions. 

    Financial Responsibility

    We hold the taxpayers interest in high regard and are prudent and effective in the use of resources entrusted to us. 
    These values are the foundations of this District.  All staff adhere to these and model them for our community.  All persons are expected to meet the District's standard for work performance, attendance and personal conduct.

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